Recycling Myths: What You Should Know
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Recycling Myths that Need Some Clarification

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in Uncategorized

Thanks to recent movements toward a more green mindset, recycling has become a common occurrence and is regularly practiced by a third of the United States. However, many of those who mean well may be causing difficulties at recycling facilities because of myths and misconceptions about the recycling process. Below are some of the most common myths about recyclable materials and recycling guidelines that you should consider.

Clarifying Recycling Myths

Recycling Myths

Do You Need to Rinse Recycling?

While it is important to ensure recyclables are dry and clear of residue, a simple wipe with a napkin or paper towel is better than spraying it with water constantly. Liquids can degrade other raw materials in the recycling bin, such as paper products, and render them useless.

Anything With the Recycling Symbol Goes in the Bin

The numbers in the symbol correlate to the type of plastic used in the item, and items like #6 plastics or hard reusable plastic bottles are not accepted in Chicago.

You Can Recycle Pizza Boxes

Grease and food residue contaminate paper and cardboard items, so they will not be accepted at recycling centers. Pizza boxes with grease should be instead composted or thrown into the garbage.

Paper Towels are Recyclable

While brown paper bags and other paper products are perfectly recyclable, paper towels are not, and should be composted whenever possible.

All glass is Recyclable

Broken glass and panes from windows are not allowed in recycling programs, as they pose a risk to worker safety for those who sort through materials.

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