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Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Waste Disposal — Chicago, IL

Roll off Dumpsters

Can I place a dumpster on the street in the City of Chicago?

Yes, you can place a dumpster on the street or in the alley in the City of Chicago. However, before placement, we will need a right of way permit from the Chicago Department of Transportation. The city offers either a 3 or 30-day permit. We will obtain this permit and include it in the cost of the dumpster or waste disposal in Illinois.

Any dumpster placed in the alley must allow enough room for an emergency vehicle and/or vehicular traffic to pass. The truck delivering a dumpster that is to be placed in the street will require approximately 2–3 parking spaces to drop off the dumpster. If a dumpster blocks a parking meter, there is the possibility that it is subject to a "loss revenue" surcharge from the city.

Is there a correct way to load the dumpster?

Yes, there is. When loaded, the contents of the dumpster should not surpass the top of the dumpster. To ensure safe hauling, no items can hang outside of the dumpster or stick out from the sides. A door is located at the rear of the dumpster to provide easy loading. Loads of heavies (clean loads of dirt, concrete, brick, cinder block, or stone – no other debris is allowed to be mixed in) are only allowed in 10-yard dumpsters and can be loaded no more than 3/4 full.

How long can I keep the dumpster?

All dumpster rentals are for 7 days unless limitations are placed on the rental by your municipality or permitting restrictions. For dumpster rentals longer than 7 days, please inform us at the time of ordering. We will be happy to discuss options that best suit your needs.

Is same day delivery available?

Since our workload varies daily, we ask that all orders be placed 24 hours in advance. This will help ensure a timely delivery. For communities near Riverdale, we may be able to accommodate same day dumpster rental service requests.

Does anyone need to be on-site for delivery?

No, it is not necessary for someone to be on site for your dumpster delivery. At the time of placing your dumpster rental request, our representative will gather all placement information and site contact information in order to accommodate the proper placement of your dumpster rental.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All deliveries are made on a COD (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover only) basis unless you have established an account with our company. We no longer accept business or personal checks. If you wish to establish credit, please fill out and return this credit application to our office by fax at 708.388.3984.

What size dumpsters do you offer?

Currently, we offer 10, 20, and 30-cubic yard dumpsters.

Commercial & Industrial Waste Management

Will you haul a customer owned compactor?

Depending on the design of the compactor box and provided that we are able to carry it on our truck safely, we would be able to haul a customer-owned compactor. We will have to perform a site visit to inspect the equipment at each location prior to providing you with a quote for services.

Are you willing to work with waste brokers?

Yes, we have done an extensive amount of work with waste management brokers over the years, supplying waste and recycling services to many Fortune 500 companies throughout our service area.

What is the City of Chicago permit fee?

The City of Chicago adopted a permit fee for every refuse collection container used within the City of Chicago several years ago. To learn more about the City of Chicago's Commercial Refuse Container Permits, click here.

Transfer Station

What do I do when I arrive at your facility?

When you arrive at our facility to dispose of debris, please pull on the scale located next to our office, up to the second window. Only proceed onto the scale if the person before you has fully cleared the scale surface. At the window, the scale operator will take your information and instruct you as to where to dump based on the material you have. Once you have unloaded your debris and are ready to leave, proceed back to the scale to be weighed out. After the scale operator has captured your empty weight, payment is required at this time.

Is the transfer station open to the public?

Yes, the transfer station is open to the public during normal business hours. Normal business hours are Monday - Friday 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. - 12 p.m. All dump trucks must arrive at our location 15 minutes prior to closing and anyone hand unloading must arrive 1 hour prior to closing.

Do I need to make an appointment in order to dump there?

An appointment is not necessary in order to use our facility. We accept loads of general debris, construction debris, waste tires, and yard waste at any time during normal business hours.

What is your busy time of the day?

Our busy time varies day to day, but we see the most traffic on a continuous basis from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. during the weekdays.

Is there anything that you will not accept?

Yes, even though we do accept most waste streams, we do not accept the following materials; hazardous waste, liquids (paints, oils, solvents, pesticides, etc.), special waste, or asbestos. Visit the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's website for more information on how to properly dispose of these items.

If I only have a little debris, can I keep my ticket open while I get a second load?

No, unfortunately, we need to collect for each load as it is dumped, therefore the minimum charge is assessed for each load. For current pricing, please call our office at 708.388.9910.

Can your site accept electronics (E-Waste)?

No. As of January 1, 2012, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency placed into law the Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act. This Act bans all electronic devices from being disposed of in landfills that contain hazardous material. All electronic devices should be recycled by a licensed collector, recycler, or refurbisher. For more information on this act, please visit the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's website.

Click here for a list of locally licensed E-Waste drop off locations. We recommend that you contact the drop off location prior to visiting them to verify their hours of operation and availability.

Waste Tire Disposal

What size tires do you take?

We accept car, light truck, and semi-truck tires at our transfer station located at 13903 S Ashland Avenue, Riverdale, IL 60827.

Can you pick up the tires from our location?

Yes, we offer tire cages and scheduled bulk tire collection services in Chicago and the south suburbs. Call our office today for more information on our various options on how to handle your waste tires at 708.388.9910.

Can you provide a one-time waste tire pick up?

Yes, but only with the use of a tire cage. If you don’t have enough tires to justify the use of a tire cage, we recommend that you deliver the tires to our transfer station located at 13903 S Ashland Avenue, Riverdale, IL 60827

Will you provide a contract for waste tire disposal in the City of Chicago?

Yes. The City of Chicago now requires all repair facilities and automotive shops that handle tires to have a contract with a licensed waste tire hauler. Provided we haul your waste tires, we will supply you with a legally binding contract for the disposal of your waste tires from the business’s daily activities. Service must be scheduled for at least once-a-month collection with a minimum amount of tires being collected at each pickup.


Who still accepts E-Waste (Electronics Waste) for Recycling?

Please click here to be redirected to our most up to date list of E-Waste drop off locations in your area.

Feel free to call our friendly staff at 708.388.9910, or reach them by email at EMAIL with any questions regarding any one of our various services in Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

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