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Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in News/Events



TRI-STATE DISPOSAL would like to educate customers about this rampant crime that has directly affected some of our customers and our business. 

What is Check Washing? 

Check washing can occur when someone innocently pays their bills with a check, then puts it in their home mailbox for pickup or drops it in the blue USPS box after the final mail collection. Criminals intercept the mail and perform a process called Check Washing. During this process a check is put in a bin with a chemical that removes the handwritten ink, the check is then dried allowing the criminal to write the same check to whomever in the amount of their choice. Often the person will acquire a fake ID and go to the bank that is listed on the check to cash the check. Sometimes checks that are clearly written out to a business are fraudulently cashed by an individual without any verification. 

How do you Protect Yourself? 

  1. Do Not Write Checks, if it is not necessary. Utilize your bank’s digital banking services to make payments on your monthly accounts. 
  2. Use Gel Ink Pens, they have been proven to “permeate the fibers on the check”, according to Experian. This makes check washing nearly impossible.
  3. Pay your bills online. 
  4. Avoid putting your bills in the blue USPS mailbox after the last pickup.
  5. Don’t leave your mail in your home mailbox overnight. 

What should you do if your mail is stolen? 

  1. Contact your bank to alert them that your financial/bank information has been compromised. 
  2. Create a list of outstanding checks and any regular incoming or outgoing ACH payments. You will need this information when you visit your bank. 
  3. Close the compromised checking account and open a new checking account. 
  4. File a police report with your local police department. This is an ongoing issue in our community and your report will help authorities direct the resources needed to eradicate the rampant bank, financial, credit card fraud, scams, and mail theft. 
  5. Email the United States Postal Service to submit a report about stolen mail or contact the U.S. Postal Inspector’s Office by calling 1.877.876.2455.

Annual Toy Drive 2022

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in News/Events

Tri-State Disposal is organizing it’s annual Toy Drive for kids of all ages in the communities of Riverdale, Thornton Township, and Together We Cope of Tinley Park.

Drop off your items at Tri-State Disposal, 13903 S. Ashland Ave., Riverdale, Il 60827.  Our offices are open Monday – Friday 6am – 5pm and Saturday 7am – 12pm.
Help us brighten a child’s holiday this season!
Last year we collected 7 bicycles, 9 hat & glove sets, 36 gift cards, 97 pajama sets & 686 toys!
Youth Gifts

Action Figures

Small Nerf Guns

Baby Dolls

Girls’ Crafts (bracelet makers, etc.)

Older Kids’ Craft/

Art Sets

Small Trucks (bigger than Hot Wheels, not as big as Tonka)

Teen Gifts


Hair Accessories

Bath Products (male and female)

Wallets (boys and girls)

Local Sports Teams’ Baseball Caps

Soccer Balls, Footballs, Basketballs


Gift Cards

Fast Food (McDonalds, Portillos, Panera, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, etc.)

Play Station/Xbox

Game Stop


Bath & Body Works


New Customer Payment Portal

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in News/Events


We have launched a new online customer portal that gives you better features and tools for securely managing your personal and business accounts from any device. 

  • update your profile information
  • manage payments
  • sign up for notifications
  • compare monthly charges and usage, by service
  • improved billing and payment history
  • easily manage multiple accounts like home and small business

Important Message for e-Billing customers

If you currently have an account with Tri-State Disposal’s online e-Billing system, you will need to register with the new customer portal. Your existing username and password did not transfer to the new system. However, you are free to reuse your previous log-in credentials as you choose.

If you are a paperless billing customer, we did maintain your paperless billing program enrollment through the transition and you can expect to receive your first “bill-ready” email in June or July, depending on your bill cycle. There will be an access code on your bill that you will need to register.

Once registered with the portal, you may log in to modify or cancel your paperless billing enrollment. You do not have to participate in paperless billing to have an online portal account.

You can also call our office at 708-388-9910 and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives to get your access code.

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