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Dumpster Rental Safety Guidelines for Small Businesses

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in Uncategorized

Clearing out your business space is a necessary task, whether you’re relocating or decluttering. While dumpster rentals offer a convenient solution, safety remains the top priority. Follow these guidelines to make your small business dumpster rental experience secure and hassle-free.

What Can You Put in a Dumpster Rental?

Dumpsters are versatile, but you must know what’s acceptable for disposal. Common items include:

  • Office Furniture: Desks, chairs, upholstered furniture, and filing cabinets are usually okay.
  • Paper Waste: Dispose of old documents and paperwork securely.
  • General Debris: Construction debris, broken equipment, and yard waste can go in.

Of course, appropriate dumpster waste depends on local regulations and ordinances. Only toss suitable waste when renting a dumpster to avoid additional fees. General office supplies are okay to throw in a dumpster, but you must separate any flammable materials or safety hazards.

What Can You Not Put in a Dumpster Rental?

To maintain safety and comply with regulations, avoid placing hazardous materials in your dumpster, like

  • Chemicals and Solvents: Dispose of these properly through designated channels.
  • Electronics: Recycle electronics separately to prevent environmental harm.
  • Medical Waste: Follow proper procedures for the safe disposal of medical materials.
  • Automotive Parts: Car batteries, motor oil, and other automotive parts are generally prohibited.

Always check with your dumpster rental provider for specific guidelines on acceptable items.

General Dumpster Rental Safety Tips

Follow these additional safety tips to avoid injuries or accidents:

  • Weight Limits: Avoid overloading the dumpster to prevent accidents during transport.
  • Proper Loading: Distribute weight evenly to maintain stability.
  • Clear Pathways: Clear the area around the dumpster to facilitate safe loading and unloading.
  • Wear PPE: Wear steel-toe boots, gloves, goggles, and other personal protective equipment for safety compliance when tossing large amounts of materials.

Call Tri-State Disposal for Dumpster Rentals for Your Small Business!

When it’s time for a dumpster rental, trust Tri-State for your small business needs. Our reliable service ensures prompt delivery and pickup, making waste management a breeze. At Tri-State, your safety is our priority. Our waste management technicians have the tools, skills, and training to properly dispose of your commercial waste.

Contact us today for affordable dumpster rentals tailored to your small business requirements. As a dumpster rental company, we make clearing out as safe and stress-free as possible!

Tri-State disposal dumpster rental

Recycling Myths that Need Some Clarification

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in Uncategorized

Thanks to recent movements toward a more green mindset, recycling has become a common occurrence and is regularly practiced by a third of the United States. However, many of those who mean well may be causing difficulties at recycling facilities because of myths and misconceptions about the recycling process. Below are some of the most common myths about recyclable materials and recycling guidelines that you should consider.

Recycling Myths

Do You Need to Rinse Recycling?

While it is important to ensure recyclables are dry and clear of residue, a simple wipe with a napkin or paper towel is better than spraying it with water constantly. Liquids can degrade other raw materials in the recycling bin, such as paper products, and render them useless.

Anything With the Recycling Symbol Goes in the Bin

The numbers in the symbol correlate to the type of plastic used in the item, and items like #6 plastics or hard reusable plastic bottles are not accepted in Chicago.

You Can Recycle Pizza Boxes

Grease and food residue contaminate paper and cardboard items, so they will not be accepted at recycling centers. Pizza boxes with grease should be instead composted or thrown into the garbage.

Paper Towels are Recyclable

While brown paper bags and other paper products are perfectly recyclable, paper towels are not, and should be composted whenever possible.

All glass is Recyclable

Broken glass and panes from windows are not allowed in recycling programs, as they pose a risk to worker safety for those who sort through materials.

What is Commercial Waste, and How Do I Dispose of It?

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in Uncategorized

Factories, warehouses, and construction sites generate significant amounts of waste after completing their work, often referred to as commercial waste. Whether it’s bricks, concrete, or hazardous materials, these items cannot be simply discarded. Proper disposal is essential to prevent health, environmental, and safety hazards.

But what do you do with this waste? Read these tips on how to know what commercial waste is and proper disposal techniques.

Lemont’s 150th Anniversary Fest

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in News/Events

Tri-State Disposal is thrilled to be one of the sponsors of Lemont’s momentous 150th Anniversary Fest on June 10. As a company deeply rooted in the communities we serve, we take immense pride in contributing to this noteworthy milestone in Lemont’s history. Joining forces with the Village of Lemont and various civic and community organizations, we are excited to be part of a yearlong celebration filled with historical sharing, engaging activities, and vibrant events. The Lemont 150th Anniversary Fest promises to be a highlight of this commemoration, taking place in the heart of historic downtown Lemont on Front Street. With an array of captivating local talent and activities for all ages, this event will truly honor our heritage while embracing the spirit of togetherness and joy that defines our community. We encourage everyone to come and join in the festivities as we celebrate Lemont’s rich history and bright future during this remarkable occasion!

Palos Heights Parks – Concerts in the Park

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in News/Events

Tri-State Disposal was honored to be one of the proud sponsors of this year’s Palos Heights Parks and Recreation “Concerts in the Park” event. As a company deeply rooted in community engagement, we recognize the significance of supporting local initiatives that bring joy and togetherness to the neighborhoods we serve. By contributing to this wonderful event, we aimed to enhance the overall experience for the attendees, providing them with memorable evenings of music and entertainment in the heart of Palos Heights. We believe in the power of these gatherings to foster a strong sense of community spirit and enrich the lives of residents. Being part of “Concerts in the Park” aligns perfectly with our mission to actively contribute to the betterment of the places we call home. We look forward to continuing our support for such uplifting events that promote unity and enjoyment within the Palos Heights community.

Waste & Recycling Workers Week 2023

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in News/Events

We want to take a moment to extend our most heartfelt gratitude and respect to the first responders in our communities. Our nation’s first responders have always been at the forefront of ensuring our safety and wellbeing, and today we want to highlight the often-unsung heroes who significantly enrich to our everyday lives – our waste workers.

The nature of waste management work requires consistent attention and relentless effort, through sunny days and natural disasters. We’ve all seen our waste and recycling workers hard at work day in and day out, ensuring our communities remain clean and our lives continue with normalcy. Despite the physical nature of their job and the hazards they encounter, these waste professionals perform their duties with great determination and responsibility.

To honor our dedicated waste professionals, we ask you to join us in celebrating Waste & Recycling Workers Week this summer. During the week of June 12-17, we encourage you to show your appreciation by serving those who serve our communities. Whether it’s a plate of cookies, a handmade card from a child, or a heartfelt handshake, your appreciation will mean the world to the waste and recycling workers in your community.

We hope you’ll join us the week of June 12-17 in honoring our waste first responders. For more information and ways to recognize Waste & Recycling Workers Week in your community, check out our celebration resources, or try some of the suggestions below.

Download Waste Workers Week Thank You

Blue Cap Golf Outing

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in News/Events

Tri-State Disposal proudly participated in the charity golf outing for Blue Cap school in Blue Island, a meaningful event that aligns with our commitment to making a positive impact in the community. Blue Cap’s mission to support, encourage, and educate individuals with intellectual disabilities resonates deeply with our values. As part of our contribution, we provided custom golf towels to enhance the participants’ experience and show our support for this worthy cause. Additionally, we made a donation to further assist Blue Cap in their mission to enable people with intellectual disabilities to lead fulfilling lives and become valued members of their community. We wholeheartedly embrace Blue Cap’s vision of empowering 70% of the individuals they serve with meaningful work, volunteer positions, or desired social roles in the community by July of 2024. By participating in this charity golf outing, we hope to play a role in promoting inclusivity and creating positive opportunities for these deserving individuals.

Hot Dog Day! – Customer Appreciation

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in News/Events

“Hot Dog Day” is an eagerly anticipated event that exemplifies our deep appreciation for our valued customers. As a gesture of gratitude, we host this special occasion to provide a delicious lunch experience for all those who have supported us throughout the years. Savoring tasty hot dogs and sharing conversations over a delightful meal is our way of saying “thank you” for their unwavering loyalty and trust. This cherished tradition allows us to strengthen our bond with our customers while expressing our heartfelt gratitude for their continued support.

K9s for Veterans!

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in News/Events

This year’s annual summer charity drive was a resounding success as we rallied behind the incredible cause of K9s for Veterans. The mission of K9s for Veterans is to support veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in their transition back to civilian life by providing them with trained service dogs. Throughout the campaign, we dedicated ourselves to raising awareness about the challenges faced by veterans with PTSD and to simplifying the process of obtaining service dogs so that they receive the help they urgently need.

The impact of K9s for Veterans is truly remarkable, as they not only provide free food and basic medical care for the service dogs throughout their lives but also save the lives of rescue dogs from kill shelters by training them to be these vital companions for our veterans. Witnessing the bond formed between the veterans and their service dogs, it’s evident that the question of “who rescued who” takes on a profound meaning. We wholeheartedly commit ourselves to being transparent and thoughtful stewards of the generous donations we receive, ensuring that as many veterans as possible benefit from our collective efforts.

Moreover, during the months of April, May, and June, Tri-State Disposal joined in the spirit of giving by pledging to contribute $5 from every dumpster they rented to the K9s for Veterans charity. This partnership has been instrumental in amplifying our impact, as each dumpster rental not only helps individuals with their waste disposal needs but also supports the mission of K9s for Veterans. The collective efforts of Tri-State Disposal and our generous donors have proven that by working together, we can create meaningful change and improve the lives of our deserving veterans and their devoted service dogs. Together, we can make a lasting difference for these struggling heroes and the dogs who devote their lives to them.​

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