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Curbside Recycling Made Easy

Written by David Kiaurakis. Posted in Uncategorized

Curbside Recycling Made easy with Tri-State Disposal

Recycling as much of your garbage as possible is the right thing to do for the environment and for future generations. Knowing what and how to recycle seem challenging at first, but generally the process is quite simple once you know what types of recyclables are accepted in your area.

A New Homeowner’s Guide to Garbage Collection & the Summer Months

Written by David Kiaurakis. Posted in Residential Waste

If you purchased a new home and are about to spend your first summer there, then there are a lot of changes and habits to get used to. One element to consider for the summer is your trash collection. Summer can lead to a lot of changes in weather, animal habits, and your own trash habits.

Instead of running into multiple problems along the way, check out this guide to fully prepare yourself for the summer months and allow your garbage service to go smoothly. With this guide, you will know what to expect and can apply a lot of the solutions to your own home and situation.

An Illinois Homeowner’s Guide to E-Waste & Garbage Disposal

Written by David Kiaurakis. Posted in Residential Waste


When you hire a company for residential waste collection, you will receive a bin to place your trash in, but this does not mean you can just place anything inside the bin. With the rise of technology came a lot of scrutiny over what to do when electronics were phased out and replaced.

As you go through the evolution of electronics in your own home, you should learn about how to properly handle e-waste and avoid any issues with a garbage disposal service you hire to pick up your trash. Follow this guide to learn more about e-waste and what to expect when you sign up for a residential waste collection service.

A Deeper Look Into Waste Transfer Stations

Written by David Kiaurakis. Posted in Trash Tips

Tri-State Disposal - Waste Transfer Stations

Waste transfer stations are an important part of the waste management process. As a link between people who generate waste and landfills, transfer stations provide a key service for communities. You need to have a general understanding of this integral part of the waste cycle if you want a better way to handle the waste you generate.

Read on to learn more about what waste transfer stations do, how they help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and when it makes sense to use a transfer station.

Should Your Business Switch to Trash Compactors?

Written by David Kiaurakis. Posted in Commercial Waste

Could your business benefit from switching to a trash compactor rather than a regular dumpster or roll-off? The answer depends on a variety of factors. But finding the right waste solution for your particular operation could save money and time while protecting the reputation of the business. To help you with this decision, here are a few questions to answer.

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Starting Monday, May 29, 2023, there will be a closure on Ashland Avenue between 138th Street and Blue Island-Thornton Road for repairs. During this period, traffic coming from the south will be unable to reach the Transfer Station. To access the Transfer Station, all customers are advised to utilize southbound Ashland Avenue south of 138th Street.