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5 Dumpster Rental Tips for People With Busy Schedules

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in Residential Waste, Trash Tips

Table and Chairs — Chicago, IL — Tri-State DisposalIf you have a busy schedule, the idea of clearing out junk and garbage with the use of a dumpster rental may seem like a major undertaking. Fortunately, even with busy schedules, you can get rid of your junk and make the most out of a dumpster rental. With the tips you do not need to take vacation time or extra days off to make the most out of your dumpster.

Take just a little bit of time out of your current schedule to read the tips and learn ways to save time while you utilize a dumpster rental.

  1. Preemptive Preparation

Just because you haven’t ordered your dumpster rental yet, doesn’t mean you cannot get started. Select an open area in your driveway, front yard, or the side of your home where you can pile the  items. Give yourself at least two weeks before the dumpster rental arrives to prepare.

Keep the process simple by choosing just a couple of items each day to add to the pile. Bring items out as you leave the house so the trips are not separate from your regular schedule. After a week or so, the pile will grow and be ready for the dumpster.

Once the dumpster rental arrives, you can easily fill the container with all your items and help cut down on the trips back and forth from your home to the dumpster. You will see how much has accumulated and quickly know how much extra space you have to store items.

  1. Drop-Off Days

You may have limited days off or available to fill a dumpster. Thankfully, there is no set date for a dumpster drop-off. Dumpster companies can often accommodate to your schedule as long as you contact them within at least 24 hours. Ideally, you want the dumpster dropped off on the day before your day off so you have access to the dumpster for a complete day.

For example, if you have Thursday and Friday off, then schedule a dumpster delivery for Wednesday. No matter what time the dumpster comes on Wednesday, you will have full access whenever you wake up on Thursday morning. The timing gives you the most amount of time dedicated to filling the dumpster.

Dumpster deliveries do not require your involvement. No one needs to be present, and you can set up everything over the phone, including your method of payment. Once your credit card is on file, the dumpster company will contact you after pick-up to go over the final invoice and charges.

You do not need to worry about meeting the drop-off truck or visiting the office to make payments. The interruption to your daily life is minimal.

  1. Extended Times

A majority of dumpster rentals are for seven days. If you only have a couple of days off, you may not want miss work just to continue dumpster use. You can communicate with a dumpster rental company to expand your rental by a few days or a whole extra week.

The cost of the extra week may offset the time you would have lost at work. For example, if you took two unpaid days off of work, you may lose a couple of hundred dollars.

With an extra week of rental time, you can work those days and use the money you make to pay for the dumpster rental and possibly have some money left over. Do some calculations to see the price difference and how you can stick to your busy schedule without any compromises.

  1. Night Options

If your days are packed with work and errands, you may be limited to night time use with a dumpster rental. Using a dumpster at night is not impossible and there are a few tips to help make the process easy. One of the best ways to have visuals in a dumpster is with clamp work lights. The powerful lights can attach right to the side of the dumpster.

Purchase multiple lights to illuminate both the interior and the exterior of the dumpster. The visuals will help prevent accidents and allow you to stay organized while you fill the dumpster. You also have the option to rent or purchase LED work lights. The work lights feature stands and can illuminate large spaces like a dumpster.

  1. Neighborhood Help

Ask for a helping hand from neighbors as you move junk out of your house into the dumpster. One reason to ask neighbors is if you have the chance to offer a little dumpster space for their time. Instead of paying extra money, you can allow them to dump some junk in for helping you out.

Getting a few extra people to help will help cut down on the time dramatically. If you have heavy items like couches or chairs, then the extra help can make lifting and moving go a lot more smoothly.

Plan out your dumpster rental with our professional services at Tri-State Disposal. We know our customers have busy schedules and will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. Contact us to set up an account and schedule a dumpster delivery at your convenience.

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