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5 Advantages of an Early Winter Cleaning Over a Spring Cleaning

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in Residential Waste, Trash Tips

House with Snow in Winter — Chicago, IL — Tri-State DisposalMany people follow the tradition of cleaning out their home once spring arrives, but there’s no reason to hold off on any kind of cleaning project you have planned. As January arrives, you can enjoy a fresh start by cleaning out of your home, garage, and attic. You have many direct advantages to an early winter cleaning in January over a spring cleaning in March or April.

Learn how to utilize these advantages, make the most out of a dumpster rental, and create a new tradition to start off every year fresh and clean.

1. Replacing Old Items

During December, you may have received gifts you decide to open and use in January. As you use items in the first months of the year, you will eventually need to dispose of old items you no longer need. An early January clean out provides the ideal opportunity to complete the task.

For example, if you receive new appliances like toasters, microwaves, or blenders, you can toss the old appliances into a dumpster rental. You have no need to hold onto the items or waste storage space at your home. The clean out is especially helpful for bulky items you have replaced.

Examples include bed frames, carpets, large lamps, and entertainment centers. As you put up the new items, you do not need to worry about where you place the old ones when you can toss everything right into a dumpster. Your home will become clean and clutter-free as you transition.

2. Holiday Clean Out

Many people put away holiday items in early January, and you can turn the holiday storage into an ideal time to clean. First, you can use a dumpster rental to get rid of old holiday decor and broken Christmas lights from both inside and outside your home. Many dumpster companies will accept whole Christmas trees, both living and artificial trees.

The next time the holidays roll around, you will have the items you need without any excess clutter. Getting rid of broken or unused holiday items also leaves room for you to find holiday clearance deals in January and store new items like lights for the next season.

As you store holiday items, you can clean out the area where you store them. For example, as you place holiday boxes in the attic, you can clean out other sections of the attic and get rid of items. You have no need to put off the cleaning until spring if you are already accessing the area.

3. Hibernating Animals

When cleaning out your home, the last thing you probably want to deal with is pests around a dumpster. As you get rid of trash or clean out refrigerators in the spring, you could deal with a number of animals and insects around your home. In the month of January, some of the most annoying pests are in hibernation so you will not have to deal with them.

For example, many bees hibernate in the winter, so you don’t need to worry about an active nest or bees flying around debris. Larger pests like skunks also hibernate in the winter. You can avoid a skunk encounter when you choose a January clean out option.

Snakes are another animal that will hibernate during cold months. You do not need to worry about snakes seeking out dark places inside your dumpster to hide out. Without the annoyance of pests you can use the dumpster without having to worry about animal invasions.

4. Condensed Materials

As spring arrives, so do warmer days. As temperatures increase, materials like wood and metal can expand in size. The size changes may be subtle, but they can make an impact as you try to condense a lot of items into a dumpster rental. The cold winter air of January will keep items at smaller sizes, allowing you to fit more into a dumpster and get rid of junk materials.

You can easily toss out old wood or old doors. The lack of thermal expansion will also make it easier to break down items and provide more wiggle room as a dumpster becomes full.

5. Matching New Year’s Resolutions

The month of January often includes a lot of resolutions, and you can use a clean out session to find motivation for reaching your resolution goals. For example, if one of your resolutions is to work out more, then you can clean out your basement and have a wide-open area ideal for a home gym.

If you want to eat healthier, then clean out all of the junk food from your pantries, refrigerator, and freezer. If you want to focus on hobbies, then clean out your garage and have a dedicated hobby area. When you set goals early on, a full clean out can be the first step in achieving your new year’s resolutions.

Get started with your clean out with Tri-State Disposal.  We have 10, 20 and 30-yard dumpsters available. We can drop off a dumpster on any day that is convenient for you to begin the new year on the right track.

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