4 Times You Could Use a Dumpster to Handle Excess Junk
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4 Times You Could Use a Dumpster

Written by Tri State Disposal. Posted in Commercial Waste, Residential Waste, Trash Tips

Let’s face it: most of us have too much junk. We allow clutter to cover our counter space and crowd out our closets at home. For many of us, the constant barrage of documents and office supplies can also take over our workspace as well.

But if you want a clean, organized, peaceful environment to live and work in, you’ll have to take positive steps to change your ways. In this blog, you’ll find four signs that your minor hoarding habit has grown out of control. To remedy the problem, rent a dumpster and start cleaning.

  1. When You Can No Longer Park in Your Garage

If last year’s Christmas toys and appliances have managed to find their way as permanent fixtures piled against your garage wall, it’s time to toss them. When you notice that your garage looks more like a neglected storage unit that a protective shelter for your cars and bikes, it’s clearly time for a cleaning.  The truth is that you have probably accumulated years’ worth of homeless items ranging from roller skates to flower pots to broken light fixtures.  The first step in de-cluttering your garage is renting a dumpster. It’s time to let go of the past and make room for the future.

  1. When You Prepare Your Home for an Open House

Whether you plan to host a large company party or prepare your home for sale, you’ll need extra space to accommodate a larger crowd than usual. Talk to your family and determine what you could do without.

Preparing for a big event provides you the perfect excuse to clear out any unsightly furnishings or outdated decor that could be an eyesore for guests or even stand in the way of selling your home. Plus, it will make your home feel more spacious long after the event ends.

  1. When Your Company Moves to a New Office

Most companies carry around old filing cabinets, printers, and office furniture far longer than they need to.

If your company or small business team plans to move locations, take advantage of the opportunity to get a fresh start. Schedule a dumpster at your current office site and talk to your employees about getting rid of any excess supplies.

When you remove the junk, you’ll minimize the cost of moving your company and you’ll find that a minimalist business culture gives your company a more professional, clean image.

  1. When School Starts in the Fall

If you have kids, you probably accumulate a lot of junk during the summer months due to summer camps, outdoor camping trips, and the occasional lemonade stand.

The first day of school gives you the perfect deadline to determine what you want to keep and what you can do without. Tell your kids that you want them to organize their things before the start of a new school year and encourage them to help you load up the dumpster before they head off to class.

Even if you don’t have kids, the start of autumn is a good time to rid your yard of any plants that peaked in the summer and have begun to dwindle in the cold. Most fruit trees and flowering bushes could also benefit from a trim to help them cope with the upcoming winter months. After you clean up your yard, load any grass clippings or loose branches into a dumpster for safe disposal.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, call your local waste disposal company and request an onsite dumpster. Many companies offer to transport a dumpster to your home or business and will pick it up again when you’ve filled it up.

After cleaning day, you’ll notice what a difference it makes in your personal and professional life to live clutter-free.

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